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Using Technology to Supervise and Assist Criminal Offenders: SMART-STAT

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The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency is a federal, executive branch entity providing parole and probation services to Washington, D.C. CSOSA prides itself in implementing state-of-the-art supervision, treatment and technology services.

SMART is the agency’s data tracking system. SMART-STAT analyzes data to allow executives, middle management and line staff to make the best decisions to protect public safety and provide needed treatment services.

SMART-STAT sessions bring all parties to the table (including human resources, budget, and general counsel in addition to supervision operations) with a uniform understanding of the data to make decisions. All levels of the organization from line staff to senior management are held accountable for results.

SMART and SMART-STAT and the use of additional CSOSA technologies (GPS tracking, drug testing, employment, treatment, educational data and more) resulted in the production of this video by SAS, a contractor providing business intelligence software. CSOSA uses SAS software to manage and analyze data. CSOSA does not and cannot endorse any commercial product.

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