CSOSA Faith Based Initiatives Overview

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[Video Begins]

Announcer: CSOSA partners with community organizations and faith-based groups greatly expanding the resources available to offenders on release.

Male 1: We have organized probably about 20 to 25 faith organizations both Christian and Muslim that provide mentoring of the support services to ex-offenders who are returning to the community.

Announcer: In a unique program, CSOSA makes it possible for inmates hundreds of miles away to teleconference with mentors and prepare for life on the outside.

Male 2: Yeah, it sounds kind of wild, but I got to work. I mean, my plan-

Female 1: When you get home, you need to see your CSO-

Male 2: Right.

Female 1: -and one of those days I need to go in there with you to meet your CSO so we can talk about some things about what’s going to keep you out here on this end and not down Rivers okay?

Male 1: So what we want to do is reach them now while they’re still in the penitentiary, and when they come home we try to get them to come to the support group.

Male 3: It’s bible study night. So I sacrificed to miss bible study so I could come down here and be with you.

Male 4: I really enjoy this mentoring because it wasn’t such a long time ago that I was released from prison.

[Video Ends]

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