An Interview with the First Fugitive to Surrender on the Second Day

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(Audio Begins)

Leonard Sipes: Hi, I am Len Sipes from Fugitive Safe Surrender. I am the senior public affairs specialist for the Federal Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency. In front of me is Eric Dean. Eric surrendered today on a Friday to Fugitive Safe Surrender at the Bible Way Church in downtown D.C. and the interesting thing about Eric is that he walked all the way in from Landover starting at about 2 o’clock this morning. What prompted you to make such a long walk Eric?

Eric Dean: In prayer of my mother.

Leonard Sipes: And say again, I’m sorry.

Eric Dean: The prayers of my mother.

Leonard Sipes: Okay. So, the prayer of your mother is what got you here?

Eric Dean: That and God and the belief in God.

Leonard Sipes: Okay. And what happened to you today? You came in on a warrant and give me a little bit about what happened.

Eric Dean: Well, I got a call from my PO on Monday saying that I had a warrant from 05, that it had been 2 years now and I am getting back on my feet and I was trying to figure out what it was all about.

Leonard Sipes: But isn’t it a bit of a scary process, I mean most of the people out there who have a warrants or a hearing about Fugitive Safe Surrender, they are going to say to themselves that I’m not quite sure I really trust the criminal justice system. What was the deciding factor of you coming in today to the Bible Way Church?

Eric Dean: Faith.

Leonard Sipes: It was faith in God?

Eric Dean: Yes, faith in God.

Leonard Sipes: And today’s your mom’s birthday, so did you do this as a birthday present to your mom?

Eric Dean: To her and myself.

Leonard Sipes: Because?

Eric Dean: Once you take time to get on your feet, you want to stay on your feet and I did a crime in 2000 at the age of 35. I’m now 41 and 5 years taken out of my life is too long and I’m getting back on my feet and I want to stay on my feet.

Leonard Sipes: So the whole idea is that you want all this resolved, you want to start off fresh and clean.

Eric Dean: That’s what I’m beginning to do today.

Leonard Sipes: Now you have a new court date?

Eric Dean: No court date at all.

Leonard Sipes: So did they resolve your case on the spot?

Eric Dean: Clean slate.

Leonard Sipes: That’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

Eric Dean: God.

Leonard Sipes: One of the things that I wanted to say to everybody listening is that the overwhelming majority of the people who come in to Fugitive Safe Surrender are walking out the same day, either with a new court date or having their cases resolved on the spot. What would you say to individuals who happen to listen to this, what would you say to them about participating in Fugitive Safe Surrender?

Eric Dean: Have faith and take a chance and believe.

Leonard Sipes: Was the fact that it was in a church and the fact that you were greeted by volunteers and ministers; was that one of the reasons why you decided to come in today?

Eric Dean: No. Just because I said a prayer this morning and they say if God knocks you should open the door and the door, he knocked this morning at 2 o’clock, I started walking.

Leonard Sipes: And you started out walking from Landover at 2 o’clock in the morning to make it to Bible Way Church north of downtown D.C.

Eric Dean: Correct.

Leonard Sipes: Thank you very much.

Eric Dean: Thank you. Have a nice day.

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