“The Next Door” and Women Reentry from Prison-National Criminal Justice Association

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The program features an interview with one of the winners of the National Criminal Justice Association’s “Outstanding Criminal Justice Program” award. The program features “The Next Door” which serves women offenders in Nashville, Tennessee. Those interviewed include Pat Dishman, the Director of Tennessee’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs, Linda Leathers, Executive Director of “The Next Door” and Cindy Sneed, the Chief Clinical Officer of “The Next Door.”

The web site for the National Criminal Justice Association is www.ncja.org. The web site for “The Next Door” is www.thenextdoor.org.

The show is hosted by Leonard Sipes. The producer is Timothy Barnes. Paul Guequierre produces for the National Criminal Justice Association.

Meta terms: crime, criminals, criminal justice, parole, probation, prison, drug treatment, reentry, sex offenders, domestic violence, anger management, corrections, high-risk offenders, GPS, women offenders.

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