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The program interviews J. Michael Brown, the Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet for the state of Kentucky. The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet has a combined law enforcement and corrections mission.

Kentucky has been the recipient of state and national news coverage regarding a restructuring of the state’s criminal justice system. The Wall Street Journal on March 5, 2011 stated that changes include “…increasing spending on rehabilitation programs and intensive drug testing. The law also reduces penalties for many drug offenses…”

The Louisville Courier-Journal stated on March 3, 2011 that enabling legislation …”passed the House and Senate with only one dissenting vote in the House.”

The Bowling Green Daily News on January 8, 2011 declared in a headline,”State’s Two-Year Recidivism Rate Hits 10-year Low.”

We interviewed Secretary Brown as to the progression of analysis to implementation to results.

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The program is hosted by Leonard Sipes. The producer is Timothy Barnes.

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