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The program interviews Dr. Will Marling, Executive Director, National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) and Shawn Mosch, founder of Scam Victims United to discuss common scam incidents and how to avoid them.

The website for NOVA is The website for Scam Victims United is

The program is hosted by Leonard Sipes. The producer is Timothy Barnes.



  1. Shawn Mosch says

    Thank you for having us on the show. It looks like the link in the above post is wrong . . . here is the correct one

    Shawn Mosch
    Co-Founder of Scam Victims United

  2. Ora Knowell says

    Our tax dooctments was transfered out of state we were illegally evicted fraud forclosure default judjment that we knew nothing about, our home was paid for infull in 1993 we took out no loans yet the OPD kicked in our door and took us to jail for traspassing and gave our home to strangers because the fraud people told the police that they was a bank and that they were the new owners and transfured out tax doctuments back to our propertyaddress as if it is a bank

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