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The program interviews Nancy G. La Vigne, Director, Justice Policy Center of The Urban Institute. The topic was “Research on Women Offenders” as documented by “Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry,” which represents the only published empirical research with a sample size  sufficient to identify statistical differences in the experiences of women versus men released from prison.

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The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency offers annual “Reentry Reflection Events” in January and February. See

A top priority for Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is to invest in scientific research to ensure that the Department is both tough and smart on crime. The Office of Justice Programs’ website shapes rigorous research into a central, reliable, and credible resource to inform practitioners and policy makers about what works in criminal justice.

The National Reentry Resource Center is a project of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice. Please see the Center’s website at Please see “Federal Interagency Reentry Council Launches Website, Releases Myth-Buster Series” on the front page of the site (see announcements). CSOSA is a member of the Council.

Several requesters have asked for national research on reentry. The Office of Justice Program’s National Institute of Justice reentry research portfolio supports the evaluation of innovative reentry programs. To access these studies and NIJ’s entire reentry research portfolio visit .

The Louisiana Department of Corrections/Division of Probation and Parole is offering radio shows on offender reentry. Please visit their website at .

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  1. larry fairchild says

    Well…it say’s speak my mind? If I totaly did that would run out of space in a hurry…my re-entry problem is the Parole Board in the State of Michigan
    I have had to live thru 3 failed paroles with my wife since 2006 because of the Parole Board lack of understanding about mental ilness. My wife has Schizophreina and trys her best to deal with it considering the lack of care in the M.D.O.C. , and then they dump her out onto the streets with a total lack of aftercare…and expect her to ” cope ” with this? They put agents in charge of her that have no idea about it and could give a rats behind about it.
    If she doesn’t copperate with the agent…just throw her in jail till she does…and if that don’t work…just send her back to prison for another year or so…not like she and I have anything better to do…but wait on the M.D.O.C.
    This has got to stop…somewhere down the line someone has to come up with a re-entry plan with SOME understanding of mental illness?
    Right now…their plan is to max her out till May of this year…and just dump her out…AGAIN!!! This time compleatly on her own…and for me to try to get her treatment….something she needed for years…not MORE prison time.
    Why these 9 to 5 people can’t wake up to this fact…I’ll never know
    Anybody want paperwork on this? I have plenty
    Thank you for letting me share our Hell…..
    L. Fairchild

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  3. Thanks for this, its very helpful.

  4. Hugo de la Haye says

    “Both tough and smart” – a difficult balance to strike.

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  8. concerned citizen says

    do a show someday, that adds up all the tens of billions spent since the 1960’s, just on public safety for wash dc (law enforcement, jails, courts, hundreds of “studies”, etc… but leave out all the homeland security spending). then tell (show) us, how all this money has actually improved local public safety in wash dc, how it has reduced crime, how it has reduced the number of criminals, blah blah blah. this show will never happen, because crime is up, and number of criminals is up – not down, and any statistics will prove that the money spent produced positive results that are so miniscule and inconsequential that they would be laughed at. the number of “experiments” that have been done, and continue to be done – benefit no one except for the gov’t employees. and oh yeah – the 2 criminals that turned their life around (and would have with or without the programs). the 600,000 residents of wash dc are like crash test dummies, like lab rats – yet, all the experiments have failed them. the refrain of spending unlimited money if it saves just one person – is old in the tooth. 99% of all the experiments done or in play produced nothing meaningful or permanent. and current public safety in wash dc is proof positive.

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  11. Interesting podcast. Would these eventually be available on sticher or itunes? I think it would make the research it more accessible.

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