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Transcript available at http://media.csosa.gov/podcast/transcripts/2012/06/pocket-cop-leadership-in-criminal-justice-umuc-dc-public-safety-radio/

Current Radio Program:

The program interviews Dr. William W. Sondervan, Professor and Program Director, Criminal Justice and Intelligence Management, Graduate School at University of Maryland University  College (UMUC) and Dr. Marc DeSimone, Professor and Lead Facility Member for the UMUC Leadership Program.

UMUC’s Leadership Program takes middle managers within criminal justice agencies and places them in intensive training to analyze problems and generate creative solutions, some involving new technologies.

The example used is the Baltimore City Police Department. Through the Leadership Program in Baltimore City there is a joint analysis of new forms of foot patrols, community engagement and use of new technologies such as predictive policing with IBM (predicting crime in communities in great detail) and the “pocket-cop,” which looks at using smart phone technology to track staff deployment in real-time, fingerprinting detained suspects while on the street to make sure they are not wanted felons and having data instantly available.

The website for UMUC is http://www.umuc.edu.

Special Announcements:

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency offers annual “Reentry Reflection Events” in February. See http://www.csosa.gov/reentry/events.aspx.

A top priority for Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is to invest in scientific research to ensure that the Department is both tough and smart on crime. The Office of Justice Programs’ CrimeSolutions.gov website shapes rigorous research into a central, reliable, and credible resource to inform practitioners and policy makers about what works in criminal justice.

The National Reentry Resource Center is a project of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice. Please see the Center’s website at http://www.nationalreentryresourcecenter.org/. Please see “Federal Interagency Reentry Council Launches Website, Releases Myth-Buster Series” on the front page of the site (see announcements). CSOSA is a member of the Council.

Several requesters have asked for national research on reentry. The Office of Justice Program’s National Institute of Justice reentry research portfolio supports the evaluation of innovative reentry programs. To access these studies and NIJ’s entire reentry research portfolio visit www.nij.gov/nij/topics/corrections/reentry/welcome.htm .

The Louisiana Department of Corrections/Division of Probation and Parole is offering radio shows on offender reentry. Please visit their website at http://doc.la.gov/pages/reentry-initiatives/reentry-radio/ .

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services offers podcasts at http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/pio/podcasts.html.

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency:

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