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Welcome to DC Public Safety radio and television shows on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system.

See for our television shows, blog and transcripts. We now average 200,000 requests a month.

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The program interviews Joe Russo, Assistant Director of the National Law Enforcement and Technology Center. The center is a program of the National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the US Department of Justice. The show focused on the center’s effort to bring state-of-the-art corrections technology to the field.

The website for the center is

The program is hosted by Leonard Sipes. The producer is Timothy Barnes.



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    Government has take solid steps to stop crime. With these kind of shows we can only tell about the crime/offense. but it can’t stop crime

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    Yeah i agreed with above comment that government should take solid step against crime.

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    I agree with you concept that government take strong step to stop the crime. but I think it is a very complex task for the government…

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    I think with Government and self awareness help to stop the crime. If government take effective steps and make some new rules, then definitely the fear of crime may reduce.

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    Its not very complex task for the government to stop crime. If Government wants they can stop the crime very soon. But for that they should have to do some extra efforts.

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    With the interference of the government the crime should be less but can’t stop properly. But the strict steps and norms of government is necessary.

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    The government never finishes the crimes from its root they are just trying to implement the rules the rest is the duty of civil people to obey them. Thanks for sharing. Your blog helps to aware the government towards crime.

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    The government presence is really matters to stop any crime. Thanks for this blog.

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    Government should have to take strict step against crime otherwise crime will be increase day by day.

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    Yes… if every single person is aware towards his contribution for country or nation then I think not even a single crime will be left.

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    The crime could not completely finish with the help of government every single person should be aware.

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    If the people of the nation or country should met with the government and promise the government to raise voice against crime then the crime should fully finished.

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    In these days crime is increasing day by day in every nation. Stop crime is the main responsibility of government.

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    Crime and criminals can be removed from the root if government co-operates with general. Actually some people curse the prepetrator makes the world

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    A nation can never be safe until there is a crime and criminals in it. This is the first duty of every citizen to remove crimes from their nation and Government must contribute in it.

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    Definitely, agreed with you. Crime is always very dangerous for every nation. I think Government should take solid steps against the Crime.

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    To remove a crime is not a duty of Government the country people also take some step to remove this curse.

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    Yeah! I am completely agree with you. Crime is the main root of all problems. If we handle this problem, Then our countries will become wealthy and full of peace. Govt. should look in to the matter.

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    Crime is a big problem for every nation. But in some countries crime is increasing day by day.

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    Criminals are not birth in different place, our wrong society, people and its behavior become a person criminal.

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