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The program interviews Lori Eville, Correctional Program Specialist with the National Institute of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Department of Justice and Spurgeon Kennedy, Director of Research, Analysis and Development for the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia.

The topic was a new document released by the National Institute of Corrections quantifying and improving the operations of pretrial agencies throughout the country. The title is “Measuring What Matters.” The document is available via the NIC website at

The website for the  Pretrial Services Agency of the District of Columbia is

Donna Ledbetter of the National Institute of Corrections produced the program.

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The National Reentry Resource Center is a project of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice. Please see the Center’s website at . Please see “Federal Interagency Reentry Council Launches Website, Releases Myth-Buster Series” on the front page of the site (see announcements). CSOSA is a member of the Council.

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The program is hosted by Leonard Sipes. The producer is Timothy Barnes.

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  1. leonard, i really really enjoyed the interview you had with those pretrial “bozo’s”.
    with all the ridiculous amounts of money these clowns spend (just in wash dc alone its over $65 million), you nailed them about their “guessing” scheme. imagine, these folks have actually sold the government that they can predict who’s not dangerous. if they fail 12% of time in predicting appearance in court, imagine the % of failure predicting who’s not a danger to society. i hope you invite these clowns back often so we can keep abreast of all the new latest and greatest gimmicks they create to fleece the taxpayer.

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