Mentoring Offenders Released From Prison: A Faith-Based Program

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Volunteer faith-based mentor Rev. Yvonne Cooper and former offender Paul Tranthan discuss the realities of mentoring to an offender released from prison.

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  1. henry james stevens says

    there is a great need for rentry housing. Some have child support, probation, and other obligation that hinders then from obtaining phousing and jobs and other nessities that are required to end tne trend of returning to prison

  2. Daniel Cahill says

    I am in the process of setting up a mentoring program for the men and women who are coming out of the prison system and I would like to get some details about your program.
    I live in Windsor Ontario Canada which is across the river from Detroit Mi.
    Daniel Cahill

  3. edrick ray spearman says

    I am very discourged upon my release, the job search is not looking good in my life, I could really use a mentor to understand where I’m at. I have to live with my mom and I have this as a grown man, she had to buy me clothes and shoes and from the way it looks winter items, I’ve sold drugs for most of my life now I’m trying my best to change but no one will give me a chance, also I have a physical disabilty the prevent me from standing or sitting for long periods of time, I was a victum of a driveby shooting with 3 ak47 wounds to one side of my body, so I no God is real, I just feel like he has forgotten about me. Thank You Edrick R. Spearman.

  4. Lisa Martinez says

    Thank You so much,
    For being a voice to the listeners.
    I also come from the juvinile, girls ranch, foster home, jail and prison system. My life through this all; was a hell hole. I’ve experinced the Nuestra Familia gangs, fights, and even started a riot in the womens prison, the blood that was shed can never be erased from this gang life style. “It can only be erased when I am out there telling another human being that this life style is no way to live”. Thank God for saving me and setting me free from the inhumane life. Jesus Christ is my higher power he gives me the strenth; To live for him, To add to his kingdom. Nobody deserves to be locked up! We have a choice and yes we do have to pay, the consequences for the bad choices we made. we do not have to stay down, though we make mistakes; “keep going forward, Do not go backwords”. Be a leader and not a follower. Bring somebody out of the darkness and into the wonderful light. We are a nation with great leaders, So our future generation should be as well! Sincerely, once bound by chains and shakles, But now free indeed; Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed Lisa Martinez clean and sober 12 1/2 yrs. Thank u Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lisa Curtis says

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I am seeking information on ways to be a benefit to my church which supports a transitional housing program for men and women being released from jail and prison in the state of Florida. I feel called to this ministry and, being very close with the pastors, I am exploring ways in which God may use me. Unfortunately in working with and having a congregation that is largely people rentering from prison or the homeless population we find that the funds recieved through or weekly offering to be very low. I am good with words, organization and writing so I am reserchin grant writng for faith-based organizations. I have only just begun this research and I already feel overwhelmed. I would appreciate any advice or information. Thank-you.
    Lisa Curtis

  6. Jerome Perkins says

    Thanks for your time; my name is Pastor P. of Pueblo/Elpaso County Colorado. I would like to start a one stop reentry center. We have the mentors, housing, churches, drug counsolers, volunteers etc.. We have plenty of ex-offenders. We just need the funds to offset the cost. Your program model would help also. Is it possible to get information and advice in these areas? We will be having our second meeting with many faithbase and community leaders Feb. 1st. It would be nice to have some direction before the first.

    Pastor P.

  7. Rani Hawkins says

    I am a recent felony offender, who was released and given another opportunity in society by my faith in God and those who mentored me while in prison. I am currently employed by the government as a letter carrier, and an evangelist in my church home. I do also mentor those in prison, and would like an opportunity to also mentor inside of the prison system. Could you please give me the information necessary to obtain clearance and permission to do so? Where would I send it and how would I initiate the plan?

    Evang. Michele Hawkins of Love, Peace & Happiness Family

  8. privatejetter says

    Glad to see such a worthwhile program. Keep up the great work!

  9. stephanie gibson says

    hi my name is stephanie, i am a felon, iam looking at some new charges, that are pretty heafty, i’m a recovered meth addict have been for 3 years thanks to God. the new charges are being placed on me due to my past record, i need alot of prayer to get me threw this. so far i know God has been right with me and i know he will continue to be, but extra prayer would be great for myself and my family, thank you

  10. I am in Central Illinois and would like to start a program for women getting out of prison in our community to help them re-enter society – be given a second chance – and keep them from going back and being lost in the system. Please point me in the right direction. Thank you.

  11. Hi,
    I’m looking specifically for a Half-way house, Christian-based for my nephew coming out of jail in the next 6 mos. We’re located in Wicomico County, Salisbury, MD or within 30 miles. Every place I seem to click on has a fee. He has no money, insurance, etc.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

  12. brian bolster says

    am researching for a faith based transition house for men returning to society after prison…would appreciate any help…GBU

  13. I am currently living in New Hampshire with my youngest son. I only have 8 days left to do that. I am in dire need of assistance for housing. Is there any organizations out there for me to locate to help me get back on my feet. Please help!

  14. I am currently in the process of applying for a federal grant to provide mentoring to second offenders. Can you please provide me with any information, statistics, etc to assist me in this process, thank you.

  15. I am pleased to know that there are people that still care. As a person that didn’t care I find myself today trying to help the prisoners, but I now try to find many solutions to the problems. I now need funding for projects to give a second chance to young adults and incarcerated individuals. I need all the help I can get. The goal is to employ 1500 full time in 15 of our empty schools here in Kansas City Missouri. Send Help, God Bless you all. Ruth

  16. Anyone know of a faith based housing and re-entry program for male ex offenders im the greater KC, Mo area?

  17. I’m very pleased to hear this audio
    We wish more

  18. Charles williams jr says

    I just been released on jan 13. 2016…. Need any assistance. Jobless…Homeless….no money

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