Day Reporting Centers for Supervising and Assisting Offenders

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The program provides a discussion of the use of Day Reporting Centers for supervising and assisting criminal offenders. Our guest is Curtis Atkinson

The show is hosted by Leonard Sipes.

Meta terms: crime, criminals, criminal justice, parole, probation, prison,
drug treatment, reentry, sex offenders, domestic violence, anger management, corrections, high-risk offenders, GPS, satellite tracking.



  1. Denise Gray says

    Mr Sipes,

    I am very impressed with your effective efforts to assist the community as a whole. Knowledge is POWER.

    Denise Gray

  2. Charles Jackson says

    I had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Atkinson at a community-based event. He was passionate about his work with the ex-offenders. All who interacted with him were very impressed about his committment, professionalism and knowledge base. It was a pleasure to see a CSOSA staff person with so much going for me. My experience with other staff has not been so pleasant. I heard that he is no longer with the organization. WHAT A LOSS! I hope that his replacement is as passionate.

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