Three Years of Social Media-Lessons Learned

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Article offered by the Community Policing Dispatch, COPS Office, US Department of Justice, January 2010.

Social media sites are popping up everywhere as more and more agencies are starting to incorporate them into their media outreach efforts. We created our federal social media site 3 years ago, and believe that the site has provided concrete benefits to our agency. At this writing, we are averaging 200,000 requests a month. Here are some of the “lessons learned” that have been derived from our collective experience:

What is Social Media?

There is no formula or specific definition for a successful social media strategy; it depends entirely on your circumstances and what you want to accomplish. The heart of the philosophy of social media is the willingness to interact with your customers to establish a dialog. It’s an even exchange; you give them neat and interesting content and they give you information to improve what you do.

Management Directives

Your managers state that they want to enter the social media world and have directed you to do it. But do what, and who will do everything necessary? Are they interested in a blog? Do they want video and audio? Are they interested in photos? Do they want a presence on Facebook and other social media sites? Who will respond to questions?

The bottom-line is that management needs to figure out what it wants and what it’s prepared to spend. They also need to know that it’s impossible for one person to do everything necessary for a successful site.

Who Creates Web sites?

Web sites are created by a variety of people with a mix of skills. Here are the skill sets necessary to create a web site:

  • Web site creation (designers and coders)
  • Web site population (posting relevant materials)
  • Web site marketing
  • Writing for web sites.

The problem is that there are few individuals who possess all those skills. Reliance on less than well rounded talent becomes painfully evident the more we visit emerging web sites. But the sad truth is that few web specialists have all the skills necessary to build a successful site. The lesson is that dependence on one person to create and manage a web site may not work.

What Do You Want Your Web site to do?

If you want a static web site that will never or rarely change and if you’re not interested in using the site to market your agency or engage people, you have just hit the jackpot. These sites require little maintenance. However, if you want the site to promote the agency and its agenda and if you want to interact with your customers/citizens (the heart of social media) then you have entered an entirely different world.

Marketing through social media means an endless effort to create new content that serves your customer/citizen base. The idea is a continual interaction with the people you want to reach, thus a constant flow of new products. The production of video, audio, blogs or other items requires dedication and resources.

Social media means having people to create products. Writing for the web or media production for the web must be appropriate. You’re not writing for academic journals. Web creation must be friendly, engaging in content and style and approachable. You have to make it easy for people to get the information they need.

Marketing Your Site

This is the essence of many unsuccessful sites, no one knows you exist. Suggestions:

  • Create a great site that users will find interesting and engaging.
  • Establish your key words, the words that will attract people. What are the key words or phrases that will attract people to your site?
  • The address (URL) title and description should contain your key words. This may be “the” most important factor leading to success in marketing your site.
  • Your key words need to be integrated into your postings.
  • Create e-mail marketing lists.
  • Create Twitter marketing lists.
  • Ask for links or create content that other people will feel compelled to link to. Links are like votes of confidence in the value of your site. The more links you have, the better your ranking is for key search terms. The better your ranking, the more people will find your site.
  • Leave helpful comments in relevant blog posts with your web address (thus creating a link to your site).
  • Create pages in the top 25 social media sites (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and post to them often.
  • Ask other sites to include your site in its offerings. Ask major blog directories to include your blog.

We believe that web development and marketing must be seen in the context of the long run. It’s impossible to do all this in a series of days or weeks or months. We do marketing every day and take it in small bites. We do it as time allows, but it gets done.

Answering Questions

You will find that it’s not nearly as bad as some make it out to be. I discovered this when marketing a national media campaign. We were the best known public service campaign in America; but few contacted us for an elaborate discussion, most wanted a quick answer to a question or a had suggestion to offer.

If you have prepared materials your burden will be relatively small. But the heart and soul of social media is personal interaction when asked. I do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call the person. We need to know what others think of us and our services.

New and Shiny Things

One of the biggest mistakes people new to social media make is chasing every new and shiny thing that comes down the pike. There are some people (including us) who cannot leave good enough alone. If you developed your blog or web site with WordPress, then you have an endless array of themes, widgets and plug-ins to choose from. I wasted many, many hours looking at new applications that in the long run meant little to nothing to the quality of my site. Stick to basics. You have enough to worry about. Create a site that serves your users and move on.


Find the best resources. Go to the big retail outlets on the web that specialize in books. Search for books that describe themselves as basic or for newcomers or for “dummies.” They will take the time to offer explanations for people without social media backgrounds. Search for “social media” or “˜podcasting” or “blogs” or “marketing.” Do not get anything that assumes prior knowledge.

There is another source for related terms such as social media, Twitter, podcasting, etc. called the Common Craft store on YouTube. It provides simple explanations for these and many additional terms. Please do not be put off by their simplicity. Sometimes, simplicity is just what you need to learn or to explain terms to others.


Your IT people may object to the use of internal servers due to security issues of lack of capacity. Using outside web site hosting companies, which can start at approximately $10.00 a month, can put an end to objections.


Search engines do not like change, and you may pay a temporary price in search visibility. But you may find that your original plan doesn’t work or you see a need to take the site in a different direction. It’s a normal part of the process. Make your changes to the site and marketing efforts as soon as practical and move on.


There are endless additional considerations when creating social media sites and there are existing materials that address them. But most issues seem to fall into the categories discussed:

  • Management needs to know what they want to do and provide resources. There is no single definition of a successful social media strategy.
  • Establishing your key words at the beginning and integrating them into every aspect of your site is crucial.
  • You can’t expect one person to create, populate, write for and market your web site. The necessary skills are often beyond the capacity of one person alone. You may be great at writing code but marketing and web writing and document creation is foreign to you, yet all are necessary skills.
  • You and your managers need to understand the purpose of a social media site. Static sites have their place (but it’s diminishing). Interactive sites require resources or they will not work.
  • Market your site in bits you can deal with. We market every day. We do not try to take on the entire marketing effort at one time.
  • Unless you are J.C. Penney, you will not spend every waking moment of your professional life answering questions. But spend time with inquiries that cannot be answered simply. They often provide more in insight than you provide in terms of information.
  • Don’t chase every new “shiny thing” that comes along. Most are time wasters.
  • Get the right (basic – very basic) reference materials.
  • Bandwidth is no longer an issue if you hire outside companies to supply it.
  • Change is normal. Make your changes as soon as possible in the development process.

-Timothy Barnes
-Len Sipes

The authors are public affairs and IT specialists at an independent Federal agency



  1. Very informative post Timothy and Len. You guys really know your stuff.

    I’ve been marketing various products and services online for a few years now and I agree with just about everything you said in regards to utilizing social media.

    Many people don’t realize what it takes to get traffic or better yet subscribers who will actually interact. It’s a long and tedious task that many find discouraging and give up on.

    I personally have struggled with using social media to the best of my advantage because of all the info and opinions you hear online. Like you said there are tons of time wasters out there. In fact my blog is almost 3 years old and I had to leave it alone and dormant until I could understand all the angles that I needed to cover. So I created new blogs for learning on until I figured I had things a bit more under control.

    I’ve also studied SEO for the past couple years. Talk about an everchanging beast. Holy! Anyways that might be another good topic for you guys down the road to touch on.

    I’d like to add a link on my blog to yours so my readers can read what you two are talking about. It’s always more inviting to read something if there isn’t a pitch hidden in the mix.
    What do you say? Would that be all right?

    If not, no biggie I’ll just keep the tidbits to myself=)

    Cheers to a Great Post Fellas. Keep up the good work by sharing what people need.

    Shane in Wyo

  2. Thanks for this info! My new job highly suggests using social media for success — never could grasp what it actually is …. until now!!

  3. Thanks for all the info. I have been wanting to play with the idea of starting a social media site myself but didn’t know where to start. This should be a great guide for me.

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    Agree with the statement “reliance on less than well rounded talent becomes painfully evident the more we visit emerging web sites” An alternative is to outsource website development, but in this case, the owners/managers of the website need to have a great product manager to provide a clear spec and requirement. In addition, it’s difficult to measure the effect of those social elements on a website because most of them help engagement, which is difficult to measure

  9. I agree totally, thank you so much for pointing out a lot of these lessons to us all!

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    If you are a company you need to track your brand in social media to see what is being said about you.

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    More and more businesses are getting into it now, even those who wouldn’t benefit that much from it. I saw a carpet cleaner on Twitter the other day!

    Either way, it’s an exciting and easy to use format that everyone can have a go at and do well if they just do it right.

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  34. Just as you might attend a networking event intending to talk with an attorney, a CPA and other professionals, be sure to enter the Social networks with a similar goal. Also, remember that you will be ostracized pretty fast if all you talk about is yourself, your services and/or your product. Reach out, communicate and build relationships, just like you do in real life.

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  40. Social media is so huge in today’s technology. I’ve made many business contacts through LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook. I don’t think that this was as relevant 5 years ago as it is today. In order to market yourself and/or your business you do need to be aware of the social networking aspect. You’ve put it all together very nicely in this post.

  41. Social media is so huge in today’s technology. I’ve made many business contacts through LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook. I don’t think that this was as relevant 5 years ago as it is today. In order to market yourself and/or your business you do need to be aware of the social networking aspect.
    You’ve put it all together very nicely in this post.

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  54. Social media – I hope – has reached its peak. I’ve gradually begun to see the importance of it, but think it has too much of a hold on our society today. Like all things, it will likely even out.

  55. Social media is a great marketing method, however, some parts of it work better for certain products and services. You have to be careful that you are targeting the right audience otherwise you can end up spending hours and hours with very little to show for it… It is always a good idea to test and track results so you can see what is working and what is not..

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  60. Daniel - Marketing Specialist says:

    My lessons learned from Social Media? Have a plan! Hire someone who knows the industry. I know a friend Natasha Lee Beckow who owns her own Social Media Marketing firm and what a difference leadership makes!

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